90-Day Novel-Day 15 Check-in

90 Day Novel Challenge

It’s Day 15 of the 90-Day Novel Challenge.

Leave a comment below with the number of words you completed today.

I fool myself, in a good way, into dodging the pressure. I tell myself that I’m not trying to write a scene, I’m just making some notes for the day. –Marsha Norman

4 thoughts on “90-Day Novel-Day 15 Check-in”

  1. I attended a critique group tonight so didn’t get any writing down. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

  2. Got 1077 words in today sitting in front of the air conditioning. With 104 degree heat index melting everything outside, I don’t have to feel guilty about not getting any yard work done today.I would dissolve in a puddle of mush if I went outdoors in this heat so we have perfect weather conditions to stay indoors and write. Deanne’s pool sounds real good right now! The laptop doesn’t work real good while floating in a pool though.
    Good job everybody!

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