90-Day Novel-Day 7 Check-in

90 Day Novel Challenge

It’s Day 7 of the 90-Day Novel Challenge.

Leave a comment below with the number of words you completed today.

Plot grows out of character. If you focus on who the people in your story are, if you sit and write about two people you know and are gettingto know better day by day, something is bound to happen. –Anne Lamott

3 thoughts on “90-Day Novel-Day 7 Check-in”

  1. Slow day today, I think that will be the norm on the weekends with so much to do all the time. Week nights will be my big number days.
    I got 969 words in today – but also got three logos designed, grocery shopping done for the week, lawn mowed, shrubs pruned, and four loads of laundry.
    AND, my desktop tried to crash on me! I sat an hour waiting for my system to restore after some bad updates messed things up. Word to the wise – don’t update! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  2. I had 14 updates yesterday to my laptop. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t have problems. It sounds like you had the same day as me. Lawn mowed (by Craig), yard weedeated (by Deanne and Craig), sat in swing and watched yard being mowed (by Deanne). I have only 650 words for today. Not my goal but at least I have 650 good words. More description of my characters and lots more conflict added to scenes. I’m liking where it is going.

  3. I don’t feel bad for skipping yesterday. I did get caught up today. 1784 words so I’m back on track. I did spend some time working on character sketches and outlining too so it was a very productive day.

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