90-Day Novel-Day 89 Check-in

90 Day Novel Challenge

It’s Day 89 of the 90-Day Novel Challenge.

Leave a comment below with the number of words you completed today or just tell us how you’re doing.

Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there. ~Thomas Berger

2 thoughts on “90-Day Novel-Day 89 Check-in”

  1. 1 more beer…only 9 left in the 12 pack! How do people intentionally drink this stuff, tastes awful!
    1033 words written tonight. Almost finished…
    I mean it this time.
    Heroine is slipping into her sexy lingerie and walking across the street to get her man once and for all, she’s sick of waiting around for him to make his move! He is stubborn so it’s gonna be interesting!

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