Are you comfortable being “original”?

Back in 2000 I got deep into a story about selling antiques online. The premise of the story was that a young antique dealer was selling something online, and it turned out to be something more valuable than she knew, and many people wrote asking her to end the auction early and sell it outright. One man emailed telling her what she had so she’s know. They developed a relationship via long-distance, using mostly email as their communication method.
I was advised the story would never sell – an online relationship was unbelievable and too ‘out there’ – yet now there are lots of stories with a premise that involves the online world. And werewolves, shape-shifters and vampire slayers, too.

The point is, never let someone else dissuade you because something is too out there, too unusual, not mainstream, whatever. Take a chance, be the first. If it’s a good idea, hundreds will follow. If it’s a great idea, break the rules and show everyone that it can be done, and how it can be done.

Have you ever had an idea that someone else shot down? Did you keep going in spite of it or did you, like me, let a great idea fall along the wayside out of fear?