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Fey Creations 1cover of Disenchanted

Things are going good for Keely Fey. Thanks to a rave review in the Iowa Star, bookings are at an all time high at Fey Creations.

Until a Talent stealing psycho uses her salon as a personal shopping ground. When all the clues point to her business it’s damn near impossible to convince the authorities she’s not The Collector.

Top this off with the reemergence of a childhood friend – an imaginary childhood friend – and some pretty scary changes in her Talents and things go from downhill slide to avalanche.

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Fey Creations 2cover of Unenchanted


The Enchant Containment Unit is the last place an En wants to be, and Keely Fey is no exception.

But freedom comes with conditions, a killer necklace and a new roommate. Every girl likes jewelry, right? And the new roomie is tall, dark and handsome. What’s not to like?

When it’s death by collar if she uses her Talents and a roommate that would rather see her dead? All of the above.

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Fey Creations 3Re-enchantedebookcover

Since Var Royd introduced himself into Keely Fey’s life nothing is cut and dried. Salon gossip and satisfied clients are a thing of the past. Secrets, deception and the power hungry are the new normal.

While Var attempts to woo her into taking the position of his Shadow, the goddess Hel has other plans. Plans she keeps to herself behind claims of assistance, but trusting a goddess of death doesn’t come easy. Especially, with an elusive favor she refuses to name hanging in the balance.When her threats of unleashing Vereinen fail, Stasia Athory offers up a chance at freedom. But when the currency is blood and the probability of Keely, Teiran, or both ending up dead, the trade doesn’t seem fair.

Become the Lord’s Shadow, put her trust in the goddess of death, or be the secret component in an anti-wrinkle cream. Keely wants the collar off, but with alternatives like these is she trading one shackle for another?

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