New Release: Heir of Chaos

Congratulations to Daniel Willers, one of our members, who just released his first book Heir of Chaos! He answered a few questions for us about his new fantasy mystery series.

Tell us a little about Heir of Chaos.

It’s about Blake Heira, who is an Eye of Law. He is of priest of the god of justice who is sworn to find the truth. He uses magic the way modern detectives use forensic tools.

This case is about Muriel Stormborn, who is found at the scene after an Inn burns to the ground. He finds out that she is a member of the Druids, a secret society that basically destroyed his country ten years before. When she escapes, he has to figure out where she is and who is provoking them into another conflict.

What was your inspiration for Heir of Chaos?

I created my own fantasy world for my role playing game. So, it seemed natural for me to use that as my setting. I wanted a story that both showed what the world was about and the premise of the characters. I played a lot of “What if” games to come up with ideas. This one started with “What if someone found out there was a war between secret societies”?

What makes it different from other fantasy novels?

There aren’t a lot of traditional/medieval fantasy mystery novels out there. I’ve only seen Tamara Siler Jones’s Dubric Byerly mysteries (which are fantastic). Instead of quests, dark lords, and dragons, I have evidence, interrogation, and dragons.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?

Determining when it was “done”. Just because you hit the end doesn’t mean the work is complete. Editing, revising, reviewing, re-editing based on feedback, more revision, it could just go on forever if you let it. It’s hard to let it go and move on.

What actor would you like to see play Blake Heira?

Shemar Moore, who plays Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. He’s a great actor that can pull off the lighter moments, but has the presence to command the screen.

What’s next after Heir of Chaos?

I am working on the 2nd book in the series, Illusion of Truth. In this book, Blake has to deal with the fallout of another Eye of Law committing perjury while trying to find a serial killer no one believes is real. I’m deep into my 2nd draft, which means I’ll be releasing it to my beta readers soon. It will be out this fall.

Heir of Chaos is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.