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Dream of Valley (Valley Series, Book Three)

Dream Of ValleyDevon Thompson knew she had finally met a man she could spend the rest of her life with until she was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer.  Pushing him away, Devon only wanted his happiness. 

Jeff Russell had a different idea for their future.  Not willing to let Devon’s actions discourage him, he was determined to not let Devon forget him. 

When her father’s health takes a bad turn, Devon’s mother tries to convince her to make things right with Jeff.  A beautiful dream gave Devon the desire to take her mother’s suggestion. 

Devon always felt Valley held a special place in her life.  What she didn’t realize was Valley also helped her dreams come true.  All she had to do was Dream of Valley.  

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Return to Valley (Valley Series, Book Two)

Return to ValleyCarla Johnson believes in one great love for everyone, fate will make it happen. Believing she found her soul mate in Tony Collins, a commitment-phobic fireman, Carla believes fate has finally found her.

A tragic accident causes Tony to push Carla away and doubt takes over what her heart is telling her.

Returning to her home town of Valley, much to the chagrin of her family and friends, Carla ends up at the altar with another man, telling herself the right thing to do is to become Mrs. Randall Carter III.

When Tony learns the love of his life is marrying another man, he wonders if he can stop the wedding in time to keep from losing Carla or has fate stepped in and given Carla her happy ever after. Can Tony take fate into his own hands changing both their lives forever?

Return to Valley and learn the meaning of true love.

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In the Heart of Valley (Valley Series, Book One)

In the Heart of ValleyKallie Henry, raised by her widowed grandmother, always dreamed of the day she would move away from Valley, especially after her heart was broken by her high school love.

Once she achieved her dreams of a promising career and a budding relationship in the City, Valley called her home. Her grandmother died, leaving her a wealthy business owner with one stipulation: she must return to Valley for the minimum of one year.

A near fatal accident, an absentee father who suddenly returns, a heart which seems to have a mind of its own, take Kallie Henry in a direction she never dreamed.

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Southern Sophistication

Southern SophisticationTinsley Natasha Talbot, born into wealth and status, became discouraged by the selection of available men in her circle.  Taking matters into her own hands, Tinsley started Elite Introductions, a dating service to find men from different social classes and train them how to treat women who live in wealth and privilege. 

While visiting friends in Texas and scouting for new inventory, her ’66 convertible baby blue Mustang breaks down. 

Chance Dalton Foster, a ruggedly handsome mechanic and owner of Foster’s Auto Repair, comes to Tinsley’s rescue while he waits for parts to repair her car. 

After spending a few days in Chance Foster’s world, Tinsley Talbot realizes all the men she had been involved with before lacked something Chance Foster oozed in abundance…Southern Sophistication.

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Cowboy Temptation

Cowboy TemptationAfter being laid off from her job, Cassandra Conner returns to her family’s farm where she was raised to care for her ailing grandfather, James Conner.

Colt Matthews, a trusted farmhand of her grandfathers for the past ten years, is the person Cassey has to rely on. That is until she becomes suspicious of Colt’s actions.

With the help of Lucas Harding, a local EMT, Cassy discovers evidence which makes her believe Colt is responsible for the murder of her grandfather.

As Cassy’s feelings for Colt grow, she wants to prove him innocent, but the evidence points otherwise. Trusting fate to prove his innocence, the twists and turns take Colt, Cassy and Lucas in a direction they never dreamed of.

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Stilettos in Wine Country

Stilettos in Wine CountryCANTRELL VINEYARDS by Glenna West
When Rose Cantrell’s husband is killed while in the military, one man owes him his own life, Clay Townsend.  Intending to tell the widow what happened, Clay is suspected of stealing from her vineyard. Could he be a thief or are other forces in play?

When Cherish Carter grows tired of being stood up by her long-time boyfriend, she escapes from it all to Napa Valley.  Will she find true love among the vineyards?

WINE COUNTRY AFFAIR by Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
Lizzie Malone meets hunky millionaire, Nico Varrelli and trouble is on the horizon.  Can they settle their differences for a chance at a lifetime of love?

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Stilettos in the South

Stilettos in the SouthTWILIGHT BEACH – C. Deanne Rowe
Allison Chandler’s dreams were to be the first in her family to attend college, become a lawyer and marry her high school love. After ten years Allison had everything except one, Tucker Jones. Now that his father needs Allison’s help can she finally have it all?

LISA’S STORM – Glenna West
A river rescue, a breaking and entering and a gun drawn lead to the adventure of a lifetime for Lisa Delaney and Jason Storm.

WIFE FOR HIRE – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
Ashley Wainwright needs money and Wade Hollister needs a wife. Sounds easy enough but neither count on life throwing them a curve.

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Flip Flops/Stilettos in the Sand

Flip Flops in the SandTHE DARING DIVAS – DARE TO LOVE – Glenna West
Photojournalist Niki Lang accepts a dare from The Daring Divas. She must sleep with a strange man and bring back a pair of his underwear as proof. The Divas pick Firechief Will Sinclair as her target. Does Niki manage to secure a pair of underwear from the Chief or will she have to resort to buying a pair?

When Dana Drummond’s life was turned upside down by her cheating fiancé a week before their wedding, she raffled off the only thing she couldn’t refund, her honeymoon. Selling tickets only to her female co-workers and friends, she couldn’t believe the person who turned up with the winning ticket. A week on the beautiful island of Maui with Mitchell Wellborn was not what Dana Drummond had in mind. She was in for a huge Island Surprise.

LOOSEN UP WITH LUCY – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
When radio station secretary, Sommer Day frantically takes over “On the Air” for a tipsy deejay she invents the “Loosen Up with Lucy” show starring Dr. Lucy Honey, sex therapist. Everything goes smoothly until newspaper reporter Jake Black discovers she’s no sex therapist – she’s a virgin!

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Venus in Stilettos

Venus in StilettosHOME AGAIN – Glenna West
After an unsuccessful marriage, Braedi Jones returns home to find her roots but runs into Dusty Rhoades, the boy from her childhood. Can she handle the man he’s become or will she run once again?

Paige Bennett’s life changed forever after a one night stand with handsome Sam Garrett on Valentine’s Day. Her heart tells her she is in love; her mind tells her she should forget him. Which one does she listen to?

GUARDIAN OF MY HEART – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
A wedding gone wrong lands Lisa Bonham in Dakota James’ world.

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Ms. Claus Wears Stilettos

Ms Claus Wears StilettosMERRY CHRISTMAS DR. MCGORGEOUS – Glenna West
Alissa Brandt’s Christmas spirit is tested when her boyfriend steals her savings then runs off with her best friend leaving her broke and alone at Christmas. Could Dr. Rush Jones help her replace what she has lost?

While helping her aging Aunt finish writing her last book, Angelique Rose Taylor finds the romance easy to write but struggles with the hot, steamy, love scenes for which her aunt is well known. She struggles, that is, until she meets Jason Palmer. There is nothing like lust and desire to help spur Angelique’s muse. Wait until she finds out what Santa Claus is bringing her for Christmas.

A CHRISTMAS DELIVERY – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
When Santa’s Corvette hits a snow bank on his way to deliver Christmas presents, it’s up to Micki McAllister, the town’s mechanic and tow truck driver, to get him out of the mess. Sparks fly as Santa delivers a Christmas memory Micki’s not likely to forget.

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Blue Jeans and Stilettos

Blue Jeans and StilettosBETRAYAL – Glenna West
Betrayed by their writing partner, Marjorie Rogers and Denise Robb set out on a new journey which leads them to #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

This birthday could change Sofie Edwards’ life forever as she discovers It’s Better in the Dark.

TAKE A CHANCE ON LOVE – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
Jennifer Sinclair doesn’t want sex. Caleb Hollister wants Jennifer. Who wins?

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Sex, Lies and Scandal in Two Rivers

Sex, Lies and Scandal in Two RiversWhen Mulligan, the town mutt, is seen on Main Street chewing on a human bone rumors begin to fly in the small Iowa town of Two Rivers. Everyone has skeletons in their closets and there is plenty of sex, lies and scandal going on but nobody wants to fess up to murder.

From the Chocolate Diva of Two Rivers Temptation Company, a gun-toting granny and the skinny-dipping ladies of the lake, there’s something for everyone. Nine individual stories by nine individual authors of Two Rivers Romance Authors.

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