eBook or Printed Book ???

The newspaper industry is in bad shape.  They have made many mistakes, just like the banks and auto companies.  One of the biggest problems in the newspaper industry, however, is that they failed to take into consideration what the people buying newspapers wanted.  Therefore, people do not buy the newspaper.

But how does that affect the book industry?  With the advent of personal computers, iPods, and many other devices we can get most books in the electronic version.  The classics will always be in print on paper.  However, they will be available in electronic version as well.

This brings about the questions I am trying to find answers to.  When I finish my book, do I want to contact the publisher that prints on paper?  Do I want to contact the publisher that is only creating electronic versions? Or do I want to try and find one that is doing both?

I know writers that are published on paper.  I know a couple writers that are published in e-books.  What do you think future is in the book industry? The e-book industry has a new product that makes the electronic reader much better.  You can read it anywhere you can read something printed on paper, even in the bright sun.  At this point in time the only problem is that it’s only available in Japan. I can’t get it yet.

I think my first choice would be to contact an agent or publisher and get their opinions.  I might also contact a lawyer. Of course, by the time I get my book finished I may have changed my mind.

These are just my wandering thoughts at the present time.  I’ll just have to wait a few months to see what happens with our economy and the book industry. The decision may be already made by that time.