February Meeting Notes

February has always been a tough month for me. It’s cold and snowy. I’m usually ready for winter to be over and struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This month’s Saturday Writer’s group fell on a particularly snowy and cold Saturday and we had only a small group.

I’m far from the only writer to struggle with some form of depression. You can check out my blog about the subject, but it seems that most creative types, artists, writers and actors, struggle with their mood.

So perhaps its no surprise that our small group were all struggling with our mood, our motivation and getting the words on paper. We had all gotten some words down on paper, but no one was satisfied with how many. So it goes.

I have two secret weapons against depression.* The first is the act of writing itself. Writing in a journal or even writing fiction can be a great emotional release and has helped me cope many times over.

The second is my writers group. Non-writers don’t understand the mental work of writing. We start talking about the ups and downs of a writers life and their eyes glaze over. Which is why we need each other. A local writers group is a chance to share the joys, and the struggles of the journey. That’s a big part of what keeps me coming back month after month, even on cold snowy days in February.

*Depression can be a serious illness. Writing and writers groups can help, but they are no substitute for real medical treatment. You can take an online screening for depression here. Or talk to your doctor or a licensed care provider.

These heavy issues didn’t completely consume our meeting, thankfully. We also found plenty of time to talk about writing, story telling and to dissect world building in several movie franchises. To end this blog on a lighter note, we even watched this video filling in a serious plot hole in Star Wars: A New Hope. Enjoy.

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