I’m In Love and Oh-So-Happy

I’ve had Gemma floating around in my head for about two years. The first scene has always been there. I love the first scene. It’s fun and sad and definitely has tension. But I’ve been stuck: what comes after the first scene? I couldn’t get a firm handle on that. Hell, I couldn’t even get a gelatinous wiggle. The protagonist presented herself fully formed, which is always helpful. And I knew it was about living up to potential, and I knew it was about conquering fear, and of course I knew, since it’s me, the emotional content has to be wrapped in lightness rather than darkness. So that’s a lot of knowing. There’s clearly a lot of opportunity, a lot of ways to take a story like this. But none of them worked. This story turned up its nose at every possible vision I offered. 
     And that resulted in a very solid inability to write. 
     Then one night over pancakes (really, breakfast foods are miraculous on so many levels) with a friend, the solution came to me. [Side note to Natalie, maybe that’s what was ‘magic’: pancakes!]
     Now I’m in the throes of new love: researching 1940 Los Angeles and travel in the ‘50s, Woodstock, real estate in Santa Barbara in 1970; making up a scandalous past that is worthy of my favorite writerly quote (“Laughs, sex scenes, detailed dinner menus, clever wordplay and enough old-fashioned narrative to blacken one’s fingers through vigorous page turning…”); and figuring out how to write two distinct but equally fantastic women – one comfortable in her skin from the time she could crawl, the other rediscovering the self that would have and should have been if not for some misdirection caused by others’ actions. This is pure joy, this sort of writing, the discovery, the fun, the “Oh my god where did that come from I love it!” All writing should be like this. I know it’s not going to be, I know that at some point I’ll be in that part where I feel like my writer brain is immersed in concrete and it’s hardening fast, but for now I’m holding onto the energy that is fueled by writing joy and I’m flying through the possibilities at the speed of light.
     Damn, but I love new love.

2 thoughts on “I’m In Love and Oh-So-Happy”

  1. That’s awesome! Don’t you just LOVE that moment when you feel like your fingers are super-glued to the keyboard because it’s going so well you don’t want to stop writing…even if it’s to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom! And those, “Oh my God where did that come from…” moments are the best!

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