Interview With A Fey

Inspired by Virginia’s wonderful author interviews, I thought it would be fun to see one from the other end of the spectrum.  This month I handed my turn over to Iowa Star reporter Grace Emerson for a character interview (or would that be character on character interview?).  Grace was lucky enough to catch Keely Fey, owner of Fey Creations Salon, between cuts and she agreed to answer a few questions.

So Keely, when were you born?

A lady never divulges her age.

I was actually asking about your birth on paper, when did you first come into existence?

Oh, that’s a little more complicated but I’ll give it a whirl.  I’ve been knocking around in Her head for ages.


You know, the one that thinks She made me up.  Anyway, I started out in an epic fantasy.

I take it that did not work out.

You’re telling me.  Epic fantasy was definitely not Her bag.  She may like to read them, but writing one?  That would be a big ol’ no.  Forcing an 80’s girl like me into a quasi-medieval world was a no go.

What made ‘Her’ change ‘Her’ mind and place you in a salon in present day Iowa?

Me of course.  I just kept telling Her how wrong the whole thing felt.  I was born in Iowa so it was logical that’s where I belonged.  I’m also cosmetologist not one of those sword and sorcery chicks She’s so fond of.  The biggest blade I hold is pair of six and a half inch shears and as for sorcery, my talents rest in making others look good.  Once She got that through Her head it was smooth sailing.

Smooth sailing?  From what I have seen, your life is far from smooth.

Okay, maybe not smooth, but I’m more comfortable, or I would be if it weren’t for the obstacles She tosses at me.

Having witnessed yours firsthand, maybe you could clarify for our readers just what you mean by talents.

I’m not sure how to explain it, in simple terms I guess it’s what Uns would call magic.  Before you ask, Uns are those without innate magic, unlike Ens who have magic hardwired into our DNA.

I see you looking at your watch, am I keeping you?

I have a set under the dryer and a cut in about 15 minutes so my time is pretty limited.

Do you have time for one more question?

Sure, as long as you don’t ask me to reveal any deep dark secrets.

What do you see in your future?

I plan to do what I do best, wielding my mighty shears and irons.  Beyond that…well, it’s a little shadowy.  Now I’ve got to get Lucille from under the dryer before her ears burn with more than gossip.

A big thanks to both Grace for taking over this month and Keely for agreeing to participate, she’s not always the easiest person to work with.

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A.R. Miller

A.R. Miller’s contemporary fantasy series, Fey Creations, has been compared to potato chips. ‘Absolutely no nutritional value, but fun to eat and highly addictive.’ A great complement considering potato chips are in the top five of her favorite foods and she strives to do nothing but entertain with her writing. The series revolves around stylist, Keely Fey, the secrets of her heritage and suppressed magical Talents. A.R. lives in Central Iowa with an accommodating husband and their feline companion. When not testing the patience of readers with cliffhanger endings, you might find her wielding a makeup brush or curling iron as a freelance stylist. The next installment of the Fey Creations series is scheduled for later this year.