Learning to Revise

In my attempts to come up with my February blog idea I searched saved files, old notebooks, idea boxes filled with clippings and articles.  It came to me as I sat in the pedicure chair bouncing ideas back and forth with my daughter in the chair next to me.  I have been revising my story for what seems like forever and I don’t feel I’m getting anywhere.  It finally hit me I need to give my story a pedicure.

I watched as my cuticle was carefully tended to, trimming away all the unwanted skin.  I realized this is what I needed to do with my story.  Trim the dead wording from around the original idea.  I knew I had added a lot of extra words which didn’t need to be there.   I have a habit of telling and not showing.  All it was doing was making the story boring, unattractive and a difficult read.  The extra words needed to go.  After all that was trimmed away it should leave me with the basic premise of the story I began with.

 Next I watched as a layer of dead skin attached to the bottom of my feet was exfoliated.  It didn’t need to be there.  All it was doing was making the bottom of my feet dry and unattractive.    So the next step in revising my story will be to scrap away the layers of dead calloused concepts which have managed to cling to the original story sucking the life out of it.  It seems no matter how you try to stay focused on the story line somehow these layers attach themselves becoming part of the story.   They will end up in the garbage just like what they scrapped from the bottom of my feet.

 When I am finished I should have a clean fresh copy of what I originally started with.  It should shine bright.  Buffed to it’s height of glory.  It should read as smoothly as a fresh pedicure.  l will take my story and massage it again applying just the right amount of grammar and spell check.  Now it should be ready to apply liberally a layer of new wording to take it from shiny, bright, fresh copy to spectacular and brilliant.  I can stand back and admire my hard work and appreciate a job well done.  I might even pull out the open toed shoes in celebration.