Life’s a bitch, get over it!

Yeah, I know…I haven’t blogged for a while. Life gets in the way sometimes and whether we like it or not doesn’t deliver itself just the way we hope it will.

You make plans to go out with friends, live it up a little, reward yourself with a special shopping expedition…in the middle of the winter – a blizzard hits and you spend the rest of the day digging yourself out and connecting with your friends on Facebook instead. Okay, if you live in the Midwest, you asked for it when you made plans without consulting Mother Nature first. Talk about your Queen of the Bitches. In case you didn’t know it, let me spell it out for you…Mother Nature likes nothing better than to piss you off!

Then there’s the movie premier you were looking forward to. Just as you are finishing up on that last load of laundry so you can go out, guess what? The washing machine decides to quit on you.  And to top things off, THAT was the load of underwear you needed. Your plans just changed, now you have to sit around and wait for the repairman. Worse case scenario, you need to go out shopping for a new washer. DING! another unplanned hit to your already overtaxed credit card!

What about that once-in-a-lifetime family reunion you were planning to go out of town to catch? Saturday morning, the plan was to fill up the car and hit the road, the anticipation Friday night is driving you crazy, you can barely sleep that night. When you do finally fall to sleep, it’s only to be awakened at midnight…your mother has fallen and broken her hip. You leap out of bed and head for the hospital. Your plans have just been changed. In this case, your plans have been changed for several weeks. Not that you complain, you’d do anything for family. I’m just saying…stay flexible.

Life expects it of you. Message from a beast named, Karma…suck it up!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you’ve heard of the latest craze.

Positive thinking.

Think positive and the Universe will deliver to you all your desires. The experts like to call it the Law of Attraction.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Yeah, okay, so I’m the biggest sucker in the world. I went out and bought all the books I could find on the subject (I even read them), attended the Metaphysical Fair in town, bought my magic crystals, burned that incense, and I even gave the whole abundance-journal thing a shot. I watched The Secret. I did my grateful-awareness exercises.

I give to charities. I like to think I’m a friendly sort of person, I have no problem approaching or helping a stranger when needed.

Am I rubbing the crystals counter-clockwise when they are supposed to be rubbed clockwise?

Did I read the books from left to right instead of right to left? Was there a hidden message in there if played backwards?

What am I doing wrong?

Yes, I do appreciate when I’ve been handed something nice in life. Unfortunately, it’s the bad things that sneak up on you, sucker punch you between the eyes and leave the lasting impression.

The nice things in life don’t leave mental bruises, bruises that keep coming back to haunt you with “ouch! that hurt and I don’t want that to happen again” moments!

Nice things make you smile, be happy for a few seconds, then leave you vulnerable for that sucker punch between the eyes.

Deep down, I’m a believer that things happen for a reason. Call it Fate. Call it Karma…whatever. I have experience, and in my experience bad things happen to make you appreciate the good things…when they happen.

Unfortunately, you have to survive the bad things.

A fact of life.

A nice twist in the scheme of things? Anytime something bad happens – and everybody has their own definition of what is “bad” – tell yourself something really good is about to happen. It gives you something to look forward to.

And if you really want to give yourself a pep talk in bad times, think of it this way: the more awful the “bad” stuff, the better the “good” stuff on its way!


Now…I have a load of laundry to go handwash and then I’m going to visit my mother in the hospital, that broken hip is healing nicely.

Think positive thoughts!