Today I could say two words that would be an instant conversation starter among a group of people no matter what their age.   The Bachelor.  What a putz.  The last night of this seasons show he chooses one of the two final women to be his bride then changes his mind.  After what seemed a dramatic heart wrenching decision which causes him to break down in tears he dumps the woman of his choice and goes after the other woman whose heart he had already broken.   And he wondered why he is single.  Why he has a hard time finding the right person.  Get a clue. 
     We as writers live for characters like The Bachelor to shape stories around, to use as villains in our stories.  They pretty much write their own plot.  Maybe he is the reason for conflict between our hero and heroine.   Or he could always be the hero of our story who has never had a steady relationship.  Someone who seems to go from girlfriend to girlfriend until our heroine comes into his life.  He is instantly taken with her and can’t think of being with anyone else but her.  Now you know what I mean about living for characters like The Bachelor.  There are so many possibilities and to have someone like him right in front of you week after week to see all of his faults, to be able to make note of them and change the ones we want is priceless.  We as writers take those faults and work them into our stories so our readers either learn to like, or at the least, except him or hate him even more.  
     I’ve gotten ideas for characters from a lot of places.  I have to admit some of them from the people closest to me.  Since it is March I have to recognize three of the men in my life that would make great characters in anyone’s story.  All three happen to have birthday which fall in the month of March. 
     First my brother Mike who above all is my friend.  He is someone who can make me laugh until my side hurts or milk comes out of my nose, who liked to drink until he became invisible.  We have never lived close to each other and there are times we go for months without speaking to each other, only sending emails, but he is always there for me.  Just knowing that makes my world a better place and I love him. 
     Next is my son Ryan who is one of the joys of my life.  He is someone who makes me proud with everything he attempts or accomplishes in his life; someone who has amazed me with his intelligence and charm since he was a small child.  All the medals and awards were great milestones in his life but he is facing one of the biggest milestones this month, the birth of his first child.  Watching him take on this responsibility with love and joy in every second makes me a proud parent.  To think he learned some of that from me.
     Last but not least is my husband Craig.  We have been married for 34 years.  We were high school sweethearts.  I can still remember the first time I saw him across the commons before school.  He still looks the same to me today.  We have taken care of each other all these years and hopefully many more to come.  We have had a lot of trials in our relationship but he is still the one I want to spend time with, feel comfortable with and would be one of the things I would take with me to a deserted island.   Love doesn’t adequately explain the feelings I have for my Husband.
     So there you have the Men in my life for March.  I fashion characters after them and use them to give me ideas about how a man would react to certain situations.  They are among my greatest supporters and I love each one of them.  Happy Birthday guys!