My December blog

During the month of November we all blogged about participating in NaNoWriMo. Well, Nano is over and we all deserve pats on the back for finishing, coming close to finishing or participating unofficially and making our own word count goal. I learned a lot from finishing NaNo. I learned I can do something if I set my mind to it; I have a terrific support group of friends and some awesome plotters. I actually like the story I wrote during NaNo and I am looking forward to the finishing it. I am spending December revising and editing.

Now it is time to think about what I am going to blog about this month. I wanted to come up with another subject and it didn’t take me long at all. My November was so full most everything that happened during the month is a blur except for one very important event. Both Grandmothers got to be present at the first ultrasound of our new Granddaughter, Baby Williams, and she is beautiful.

For any of you who haven’t had the pleasure of being a Grandparent, you have something to look forward to. All be it a miracle to become a parent, it is even more miraculous to become a Grandparent. I gave birth to two wonderful children of my own and watched both my daughter’s children come into the world and the wonder of childbirth is still a miracle to me. What is even more miraculous is to experience a child you have loved, cared for, worried about and watched grow up way too fast about to become a parent themselves.

When your children are small you mold and teach them. When they become teenagers you hope and pray what you taught them will kick in and protect them. When they become adults you admire and brag about what beautiful people you managed to share with the world. When they find their life partner you sit back and let them come to you if they need anything because it’s their time to experience what you have already had the pleasure of experiencing in life. Hopefully they will need you every now and then. I am truly grateful to be asked by my children and their spouses to share in their experience of bringing their own children into this world. To be able to see a developing baby in his mother’s womb is probably one of the most wondrous things you could ever witness. All warm, snug and secure. We could all be so lucky. I feel truly blessed. So here is a picture is my new granddaughter. Welcome to the Williams, the Simmerman and the Lewis families baby. You are already loved!