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Rachel writes Contemporary YA novels that deal with LGBT themes.

Rosie and the Quarry Ghost

Rosie and the Quarry Ghost2013
Forced to move to a small Midwestern town to help care for his ailing grandmother, fifteen year-old Aaron decides he must go back in the closet. That is until he meets Nicholas, an intense boy obsessed with cosplay and a local legend about the Quarry Ghost. Nicholas is without a doubt, the cutest boy ever, but should Aaron confess his attraction or stick to the plan?

Twenty year-old Robbie arrives in Chicago intent on putting his past behind him. Instead he discovers a vibrant, hidden world of gay people, people like him. He must decide, did he come to Chicago to escape his homosexuality, or embrace it?

Rosie and the Quarry Ghost is two stories, set generations apart, that move towards one shocking conclusion.

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The Best Boy Ever Made

The Best Boy Ever MadeAlecia Mueller, a conservative country girl, knows how her life is going to turn out. She is going to grow up, meet “the one,” get married and live in the country. When her best friends Sam comes out as a Female to Male Transgender, she chooses personal loyalty and friendship over politics. But what if the boy that Sam is becoming is “the one?”

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The Case of Nikki Pagan

The Case of Nikki PaganWhen Jason’s pickup tires first begin sliding across the gravel of the country road, he is still his small town’s high school prize running back and one of the school’s “A-list” popular kids. He is looking forward to one more year of high school and then, he hopes, being picked up by a Big Ten team. But after the Jaws of Life tear him from the wreckage of his drunk-driving accident, he wakes up post-surgery in the University of Iowa Hospital’s long-term pediatric ward, wondering if he will ever walk again. 

Bobby McGin only wants one thing out of life, to be a normal teen with normal friends. But when your last-possible round of chemo fails to stem the spread of the tumors ravaging your body’s soft tissue, it’s hard to be normal. 

Nikki Pagan is the glue that holds the two boys together. She is a bright and precocious fifteen-year-old girl. Why is she on the long-term ward? Why won’t she talk about what is wrong with her? And why is it so important she follow “the rules for being Nikki”?

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Run, Clarissa, Run

Run, Clarissa, RunLife in a small town can be tough when you’re a little different, but for a fifteen year old transgender kid it can truly be hell. Clark is harassed daily at school for his effeminate behavior and appearance. He has no friends and a brother that is as likely to be on the teasing as to prevent it. 

When Clark is offered a job babysitting for the Pirella family, it seems like a godsend. The money is good. He bonds with the girls almost instantly. The father, Tony, works in computer security. Tony and Clark strike up a friendship based on a mutual love of computers and hacking.

As Tony becomes aware of Clark’s transsexuality and his growing feminine alter ego, Clarissa, things become incredibly complicated. Will Tony be Clarissa’s salvation, or her undoing?

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Building Beauty

Building BeautyIn the waning days of World War One, Alejandro Faidosky is sent to serve the Tsar in a distant corner of the Russian Empire. In the industrial center of Chelyabinsk, deep in southern Siberia Alejandro discovers a factory producing “automatons”, clockwork robots. His job is to sculpt a robotic prostitute for the common soldier. “Of all the men in Mother Russia I must be the most ill equipped for this assignment” Alejandro moans to himself, but he must not let Major Dmitri know, and he must somehow build beauty. 

Building Beauty is a coming out story set in Tsarist Russia and tinged with elements of science fiction. It is typical of Rachel Eliason’s writing; an evocative and imaginative blend of reality and fiction.

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Tales the Wind Told Me

Tales the Wind Told MeTales the Wind Told Me is a collection of short stories in a range of genres that center around LGBT characters and themes. Described as evocative and thought provoking, the stories interweave folk lore and myth into day to day life. A woman must wake her “Sleeping Betty” while another must dance with death. 

The stories in this collection are tied together by the events and places the author frequented while writing them. Each story is prefaced by an introduction that discusses the transformations she was undergoing at the time. 

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