Saturday Was A Good Day

Saturday was one of the most fun days I have had in a long time.


I decided to vote early. I went to the building when it opened at 8:00. There were a few people rushing across the intersection to the building, but not many. I parked the car and rushed across that same intersection while other people tried to find a spot to park. I don’t know what I was thinking. I expected to vote the normal way with a machine. It was an absentee ballot. I filled it out, then turned it in. As I left I was given a sticker that said, “I Voted.” When I put that sticker on my purse I felt like I had just done the most wonderful thing. I voted. It’s the American thing to do.


When I left at 8:20, there was a line into the street. This has been one of the most interesting Presidential Campaigns. Even more interesting than the time JFK was elected. Tuesday I can sit at home and watch the election coverage instead of standing in line to vote. This early voting has turned into a major election advantage to getting everyone out to vote. I plan to include some of the “unusual” incidents that have happened throughout this campaign in one of my books.


After I voted I went to my Saturday Writer’s group. I turned my 50 pages in to a mentor, so I don’t want to write a lot on my book until I get that back. I do have ideas I want to write down, though, so I don’t forget them. My book is a mystery, so I joined Mystery Writers of America. The Midwest Chapter has a mentoring program for future published authors. It is designed to help the new writer improve, complete and sell their book. A published author will actually give me their opinion of my book and suggestions about the publishing market. I can’t wait to get the published author’s input back. Until then, I plan to patiently wait. Well, if not patiently, I will be waiting with baited breath.


At our meeting we all sat at a table with our laptops. Normally we meet for a couple hours, but this time we decided to meet for four hours. We talked, then wrote for 20 minutes. Then we ate and talked. we wrote for another 20 minutes, then talked and discussed things again. This writers group has developed into more than a writers group. We have become friends. That’s so much nicer than just strangers meeting because they have a common interest. I appreciate each and every one of the people in the writers group, whether they have been in it a long time or are new members.