Short and Sweet

Sorry guys but my little brain can handle only so many words in a month and I am also doing Nano.  I have attempted this before in 2006 but didn’t come close to finishing it.  That was because I expected every word I wrote to be wonderful.  This year I found out it can be crap.  As Deanne already explained, our region’s theme this year is Yea Crap!  And we are, as a group, writing lots of it.  If you check the Nano boards at, you will see just how much crap, as a group we have written.  We are part of the Central Iowa group.  The write-ins have been inspiring and they have been a great way to network.  someday when we have a completed, published novel, we now have a group of raving fans who will hopefully spend their cash to help support us, as well as spread the word to everyone they know – to buy our books. 

All kidding aside, there are a couple of valuable lessons I am getting from this crazy exercise. One is that it is okay to write a bad first draft.  I’m fairly sure that when the dust settles in December and I have a chance to really look at what I’ve written, I will find a few noteworthy gems, as far as my storyline, within all that crap.  And the second lesson is I am learning to write every day.  It is becoming a habit.  One that I will want to continue.  If I miss a day, I know it.

Okay time for a confession.  I have had one bad experience.  This is the only thing so far that has been a bummer.  I have been using an Alpha Smart Neo to write on.  If you don’t know what that is, check out any issue of Writer’s Digest or The Writer and it’s usually on the front inside cover.  It’s a great little word processor that runs on three little batteries.  The batteries are supposed to last over 700 hours.  I have had the Neo for over a year now and have yet to replace them.  Since I am writing so much away from home though, I’ve decided to carry new ones in my purse, in case of an emergency.  And yes, I’ve taken some flack from my Saturday Writer’s group for always having batteries handy, but that’s another story. The Neo is great for being handy but this morning without thinking, I deleted three days worth of Nano writing.  Luckily it was three of my less productive days.  So I rushed to my office and quickly downloaded the rest of the files so it wouldn’t happen again.  I thought that I had lost 1200 words. But after downloading to my desktop, I was grateful to find out that the word count on my Word document was only 470 less than I had calculated.  Don’t know how that happened but I do know that God works in mysterious ways. (I always think of Rowen Atkinson in the movie Keeping Mum, when I say that. If you haven’t seen that movie, check it out. Besides Rowen Atkinson – is that the right name? I am terrible with names. Well besides him, Patrick Swayze plays a slime ball golf pro.  It also has Maggie Smith and lots of other great actors.  And now I confess, I’ve shown you another way to help get your word count up in Nano. Tangents can be helpful.)

Must go for now.  Need to save this crap for Nano.  Have a great month and I will talk at you later…