What’s Your Other Hobby?

Creative people are often creative in more than one way. In addition to writing fiction, I also do some web design and I dabble in jewelry-making. After a day of too many words (at work and on the page), it can be very enjoyable to to do some visual, tactile creating with beads. Heavy, charcoal hematite beads mixed with diamond-cut silver beads glitter on the bead board. Laying out the beads in orderly or random patterns is strangely soothing and satisfying. Working on new jewelry pieces also gives me time to think over plot events or character arcs.

Other writers with creative hobbies:

Lynn Viehl, author of the Stardoc series and the Darkyn series, draws, paints and uses graphic software to create settings and characters from her books and short stories.

Tamara Siler Jones, author of the Dubric Byerly series, creates gorgeous quilts.

Kara Lennox, author of over fifty romance novels, creates and sells wearable memo pads “for the foxy, but forgetful woman”.

What creative hobbies do you have beside writing?