Tree Hugger Environmentalist

     At my day job I am known as the resident tree-hugger. I started the recycling program for our office – separating paper from etc. items – and preach at everybody when I walk by their cubicles and notice recyclable plastics thrown on their garbage cans. They see me coming and you see the fear in their eyes when they realize that pop can is in their garbage can and they’ve been busted. The wrath of Earth Momma is upon them!

     The environment is very important to me. Anyone who knows me is aware of that. I’ve tried every natural program I can – from eating organic, wearing organic, going vegetarian (but that’s a whole different story), or herbal supplements – and can finally say that I have settled into a compromise with the environment. I do what I can but no longer expect to save the world all by myself. Too much pressure.

     Another environment very important to me is my immediate one…the space I live in which supports my creative endeavors. That particular environment is currently in a state of chaotic flux and by direct proximity it has thrown my creative energies into chaotic flux right along with it. Where I stand in my writing projects right now is what I call creatively constipated. I’m stuck. No creative energy flowing. This, then, stresses me. I need to nurture my creative outlets! I need my environment back!

     I mentioned in my last blog that I am working on creating a designated studio / office / study / den…..whatever it might be called. I have dedicated every spare minute to measuring (hey, that high school and college math really is put to use!), cutting, sanding, priming, painting (3 coats, no less), and assembling floor to ceiling bookshelves in my spare bedroom to turn it into the office of my dreams! I toss and turn at night dreaming of my new space, I even find myself getting up in the middle of the night to walk myself in there and just assess my progress. Yes! It’s getting there. I am real close. I plan to assemble the final wall of shelving this Friday and plan to celebrate big!

     I have painted the walls a smoky gray, the 1920’s woodwork is painted bright white, and I stripped and refinished the original wood floors. The 3 walls of white-painted bookshelves are the final step to completion. I have goosebumps just thinking about the many hours I plan to spend writing in there. I have done all the work myself, suffered many aching joints and muscles over the past month working on it, and learned a lot about myself in the process. The main lesson being that if a person wants something bad enough, they can make it happen through lots of blood, sweat, and tears (and pain) but that effort will be worth it.

     No effort toward your goals is wasted, every effort is valuable. Just don’t lose sight of your goals or get half way there and run out of steam. Believe me! Quitting is not an option! If you keep your end goal in sight, the rewards are what dreams are made of!