Want to Write a Book With Me?

I started the 90 Day Challenge thinking I could write a novel without any planning.  I can’t.  I need a story line and some kind of direction or it feels like all I’m doing is counting words. 

I had signed up for the newsletter at Cheryl’s Learn to Write Fiction site and have received lots of information.  I also liked Holly Lisle’s – Write a book with me series that she is doing now.  She has cut the word count back to a minimum of 250 words per day, 5 days a week.  That is very doable but as I said I need some structure.  I’ve attended lots of workshops and read lots of books so I have a pretty good idea what I need to do, so here is my suggestion – If you have struggled like me to complete something, only to have half a dozen projects half finished, I am inviting you to join me in this quest. 

I will blog once a week, at least, telling you what I am doing in the coming week and setting my weekly goal.  I am punting here so bear with me and hopefully I can make each post interesting enough for you to continue with me.

I am starting from the very beginning with the idea.  Each week, at the end of the week or as I complete a chapter, I will blog again to tell you what I accomplished and what my next week’s goal is. 

Since I haven’t been real successful in the past, I am open to your suggestions.  Or if I run into a snag, I may ask for your advice.  In the same vein, if you have something that is holding you up, send it to me and I will either offer advice or find out the answer for you. 

Of course, I’m hoping this project will help me complete a novel but I would also like it to help you complete your project too.  Feel free to comment, offer advice, ask a question. 

Okay for this week’s goal, I am working on my story idea.  I am wanting to write a mystery, hopefully a series so have decided to use Hallie Ephron’s book ‘Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel’.  I will be creating the templates as I go and work through the book chapter by chapter.  Since I want to get to the actual writing as soon as I can, I will work on each section each day until I get through the book.  I will post at least once a week and maybe more frequently as I complete chapters. 

So for now, I will be starting with Chapter 1 – The Premise. 

Once I’ve developed the premise, I will make a new post.

Wishing everyone out there who wants to complete a novel and hasn’t success.


P.S. Continue to watch for my author interviews.  This month was with Dennis Maulsby a local poet.  Next month I will be interviewing Kylie Brant.

Happy Writing!

Find future author interviews and blogs in the write a book with me series at www.virginiasviewonnovelwriting.wordpress.com