When a good idea practically hits you over the head…

I’ve never considered myself much of a “spiritual” person, but I do have a certain form of faith running through my veins.

I have faith that my vacuum cleaner will quit on me on the day I need to clean the house for guests arriving the next day.

I have faith that my car will get a flat tire soon after quipping that I haven’t had a flat tire in a while.

I have faith that I’ll get a big zit on the tip of my nose on the day I need to have professional – expensive – photos taken of me.

All sarcasm aside, there are things in which I hold strong beliefs – or faith. I believe in Fate, that things happen for a reason. 

It is this faith that caused me to sit up and pay attention when something happened in my life this week.

I was getting ready for work one day when a loud, glass shattering crash echoed through my tiny home. Searching room-by-room, I located the cause of commotion in my bedroom. A large glass framed painting had fallen from a closet shelf, landing on my bed and shattering into tiny – but potentially deadly – pieces. The very bed where I had, only minutes previously, been sleeping peacefully.

After carefully cleaning up the sharp shards of glass, I thought long and hard about why this had happened.

Clearly – in my mind – someone was sending me a message. An extreme way of getting my attention, but effective. What was on that shelf  immediately beneath the picture that possibly could have caused it to slide off?

My Quija board.

One simply does not ignore a message from one’s Quija board!

I only wish the message were more clearly defined. Thus, I’m left to interpret the message on my own, and I have a theory. Strangely enough, it relates to a story idea I’d been tossing around in my head for a while now.

The story involves a teenaged girl with the ability to see ghosts,  who inadvertently brings back an evil spirit while playing with a Quija board…in the back room of a funeral home…with a group of friends. The spirit makes his appearance by shattering the glass in all the paintings hanging in the room.

Freaky enough coincidence for you? It got my attention!

And why did it fall on my bed? I take it as a message to “put the story to bed” or finish it.

The message doesn’t end there. My dead father came to me in a dream last night. The dream was strange, disturbing, and confusing – as dreams can often be – so I looked it up in my dream interpretation book…every home should have one of these books.

Without going into too much detail about my dream, my book’s interpretation goes like this: I have choices available to me that will help me control my life but I am feeling constrained by a job that I hate but have to keep so I can pay the bills. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, am impatiently waiting for something to happen and fear losing control of the direction my choices will take me.

Translation: I want to quit my hateful job so I can concentrate on getting this story (and many others) finished and published, but am living with the fear of failure.

WHEW! Pretty good, huh?

No wonder life as a writer has enormous appeal to me! I have imagination to burn, can put a creative spin on any situation, and firmly believe you need to pay attention to the messages life sends you. If you’re not listening, life will smack you up side the head to get your attention…or drop a sheet of glass on you and visit you in a dream!

Now…I’ve got a story I need to get to work on…

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  1. shattered glass, dreams, ghosts and spirit boards…perhaps print is right around the corner oh talented one!

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