Writing a Mystery – Second Installment

I’m finally getting it together – my book, that is. I’ve learned how to use clues and how to have several suspects. I’m almost ready to send the first 50 pages in for a real writer to evaluate them and offer good suggestions. I like my book and characters. I hope that person does.

I created clues. I wrote scenes with clues and suspects. Then, I put them together. Next I printed everything out and decided where I wanted things. It was wrong the way I already did it. I physically cut and paste. I re-wrote the story line and added the clues, suspects and scenes. I changed the location of the murder and the location where they dumped the body. I added more people standing around the crime scene tape. Some of the were suspects. I added conversation at the scene and other places. I added description. I deleted some people. I added more trauma.

Okay, now I have 50 pages. They will be ready to mail next weekend. That’s about 15,000 words. I feel my book is to the horrible sagging middle. I have defined the murder, suspects, some clues and people trying to find the murderer. The sagging middle is where more action and trauma will develop. Will someone be put in danger? Will the murderer stay hidden? What clues will be uncovered?

After the next 60,000-70,000 words, how will I end it? Who will the murderer be? At this point I don’t know who the murderer is. I have narrowed it down to two people, but I’m not sure who it is. I’m not going to worry about it until I’ve written a lot more. My story will reveal the murderer, even to me. I’m anxious to find out who it is.