Writing the Back Cover

Writing a story in a way that will captivate someone else can be learned. Sometimes there is inspiration and you find yourself writing the story as fast as you can. Other times it is darned hard to get it down. To tell the truth, it’s hard work most of the time.

I’ve taken courses in writing and I have learned a lot. I learned how important each and every word is. I’ve learned how to throw out pages when you drift off onto something that will not move the story forward. I’ve learned how to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite. That’s what it takes.

Then there is the blurb on the back cover. It’s kind of like a synopsis, only shorter and harder to write. At least in my opinion it’s harder to write because it’s very important. That’s one of the two things a person looks at when they decide to buy a book or not buy it. The other thing is the front cover. I finally came up with the blurb for the back cover of my book. Hopefully there will be a back cover – if I can find someone to buy and publish my book. What do you think?

Mystique, Iowa seemed like a typical Midwest city, or town. Whatever you consider a place with 89,621 people, 98 churches, 67 taverns and 1 cult. Michelle moved to Mystique when she married Mark fresh out of college. She was not raised attending a mainline Christian church, but found she liked the church Mark grew up in. She volunteered there for about five years. When they had a job opening, she applied and was hired. Little did she know that job was the start of some very interesting and exciting experiences. To name a few – a murder, threats from a cult and becoming friends with the churches founder who happened to have died 150 years earlier. Michelle’s life and attitudes changed drastically the day she started working at Frontier Church.