Writing the Novel – The Premise

I guess that I should have given some advice as to how to develop the premise.  Look for ideas where you normally look, newspapers, magazines, people you know, what you overhear in a crowded place, whatever jumps out at you as a possible story idea.  When you develop a premise you are taking an idea and developing it into what your story is about within a few sentences. It is the basic core of your story.

Since I am using Hallie Ephron’s book Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel, here is what my premise looks like:

Suppose a failing romance author’s fiancee dies in the arms of another woman.  What if because of her pride, she lets everyone think he was with her and all seems fine until the police determine that he didn’t die of natural causes and she becomes a suspect?

Nothing is ever set in stone at this point but this is my starting off point.  Now I am going on to Chapter 2 – The Mystery Sleuth.  For the next few days I will be using the templates to develop who this character actually is.  Her physical appearance, likes, dislikes, background, everything that has made this character who she is at this point in her life.

Does what I’ve covered so far make sense?  Do you see anything that isn’t logical?  Do you understand how to develop a premise and create a character? Feel free to comment at any time. 

For now, I’m going on with the story and will be back as soon as I get past this section.

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You are keeping me accountable and I hope to hear from some of you too.

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