Yin – Yang of 2008

It’s already December 20th, Christmas is almost here and New Years is around the corner.  It has been a year of Yin and Yang.  The year started out in February and a visit to the Emergency Room.  After a cat scan they diagnosed Diverticulitis and Gall Stones.  They treated me for the Diverticulitis and they set up an appointment with a surgeon for the Gall Stones.  Between the weather and a horrifying experience with a surgeon, I will not name, surgery was delayed for several weeks.  By the way, my experience with the first surgeon is grist for a horror story someday.  I survived the surgery only missing 4 weeks of work (Two after the emergency room visit and two after surgery).  That was the Yin.  The Yang is that I now know that I need to take care of myself and am on a path for a healthier lifestyle.

 By then it was April and my husband lost his job after being with the company for twenty years.  He was out of work for three months and has since started his own business as a General Contractor and also started building homes for another home builder. That was a Yin.  The Yang is that now he has his own business on the side and who knows where that may lead some day.

 June came and I lost a relative who had been as close to me as any of my own siblings.  Because of my illness, I wasn’t well enough to travel out of state to his funeral.  It still hurts that I was unable to tell him goodbye. The only Yang I can come up with for this experience is that I will try harder to be closer to my loved ones.

 July followed and my husband accepted his new job.  That Friday of his first week at his new job, I had sold a house and was driving to the office to deliver an earnest money check when someone ran me off the road.  I hit the curb and a utility pole, totalled my car and I got banged up and bruised a little.  Thankfully the driver realized what had happened and stopped.  Her insurance took care of everything and I was able to purchase another new vehicle.  The Yang is that the other driver did stop and take responsibility.  It could have been a lot worse because, though I was run off the road, our vehicles never actually touched.

Finally in November, I participated in the Nanowrimo program for the second time.  This time I was successful.  It was very cathartic.  I was able to focus on writing and during that time, not worry about anything else.  It was a positive outlet for any anxiety.  I quit worrying about what could happen and focused on what I needed to do.  It also gave me the opportunity to become closer to my writing friends and to meet new ones.  I feel like Deanne (another blogger on this post) and I have become much closer than we were before Nano and that is definitely a blessing. 

The whole year wasn’t a total bummer.  I do feel as though I’ve turned a corner to something better.  I realize that I haven’t got control of most things in my life, the only thing I do have control of is how I react to those situations.  I’ve always looked for humor and honestly haven’t found much in this past year.  This is one year I really do want to put behind me but with that same desire to forget, I have enthusiasm to start over, in 2009.  I do believe in the Law of Attraction and I’m trying to visualize the positive in everything.  I know that this bad year was not unique to me.  Everyone I know has had it rough, especially my friends and colleagues in the real estate and housing industries but I do know that it will get better. I also know that when it changes it will be fast and it will be good.  I may not have the time to write, like I do now, so I am taking advantage of that.  I am making writing part of my daily life, more so than ever.  It is one thing I do have control over, it gives me joy, and I plan to take advantage of it.

 I may not have finished a true novel with the Nano project but I do have something to work with this year.  As to what I’ve done this past month, besides completing Nano, I did let it sit for a while.  In the meantime I’ve been reading everything I can get my fingers on regarding writing.  (Story, The Hero’s Journey to name a couple of books.) I am now fleshing out characters and developing my storyline so that as I re-write, I will have a cohesive story.  I’m not looking too far into the future at this point.  For January and probably February I plan to re-write.  That’s as far as I’m willing to look for now.  My goal for 2009 is to complete a novel as quickly as possible.  I will keep you informed each month, as to what I am doing to make this happen.  If you have any suggestions as to how you may have completed a writing project, please feel free to comment.  I believe we all have to find what works for ourselves but I do think it’s interesting to see how others do it.  My gift to you is 2009 – a new year to start over.  

Wishing you a Joyous Holiday and a Happy New Year!